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Name:James Bond
Licensed to Kill
Bond, James Bond
Name: James Bond // Code Number: 007

Position: Senior Operations Officer, British Secret Intelligence Service

Military Rank and Titles: Commander, RNVR; CMG

Base of Operations: SIS HQ, Vauxhall Cross, London

Current Residence: Kings Road, Chelsea

Background: One of the most skilled and successful field agents in British Intelligence, Bond has distinguished himself in the service of Queen and Country on numerous occasions. While on assignment, Bond is considered immune from prosecution under the Intelligence Services Act (commonly referred to as possessing a "license to kill", hence the use of the Cold War-era "00" prefix in his code number).

Profile: Bond maintains a determination to remain as emotionally detached from his work as possible. Bond is almost obsessive in having things (food, drink, environment, etc.) precisely as he wants and is not afraid to demand it. He has a penchant for expensive luxuries, and for womanising. Bond is also prone to bouts of near clinical depression between assignments, preferring action and danger to safety.

Under the Rainbow: For the [community profile] undertherainbow version of Bond, please see his wiki entry.
Disclaimer: This IJ is for use in RP & writing communities. Bond is from the Eon Productions film series and belongs to Eon and is used without permission, and with no intent to profit. I am not James Bond and I'm not Jamie Bamber, the actor I've chosen for his graphics.

This journal may contain adult material such as violence and sexual situations, and is not to be read by minors.

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