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Nov. 26th, 2009 10:14 pm
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Bond had been down this selfsame road before. Then, it had been a different time and a different world-- one with a clear-cut adversary whose aims were evil and destructive but specific and more concrete, and for the most part it was one that played by more traditional rules of engagement. The girl had been a Russian cypher clerk, and the story that MI-6 had been given was that she had somehow fallen in love with Bond after seeing a file photograph. So smitten was the young woman with the image and reputation of the dashing British secret agent, she was willing to defect with a special codebreaking device in tow. As it had turned out, the story had been a ruse and the cypher clerk the kind of trap that had once been called in intelligence circles a "honeypot". SPECTRE's machinations had been ruined, the codebreaker had passed into Western hands and the girl had made for an especially enjoyable week or two between Istanbul and Paris and back.

Despite things having generally worked out for the best, the whole affair had left Bond with a finely honed mistrust of any situation that seemed too good to be true. While for most people, such incidents would probably turn out badly. For James Bond, things were always dangerous at best, and so "too good to be true" was likely to turn deadly.

It was with such a dubious outlook that Bond was treating his current predicament. The message had not come in through official channels, but instead had been passed to him by a friend of a friend, both of whom had done some "consulting work" for Bond in the past, making them at least partially trustworthy. But somehow, Bond had decided that it was still worth investigating. He was in-between missions, his least favoured time, which also likely influenced his decision to set up the meeting.

The girl had made the request, but had allowed Bond to set the date, time and place, indicating for all intents and purposes that she trusted him completely. Again, Bond had his doubts, but he made the arrangements anyway. He waited for her in the back booth of a pub not too terribly far from his own apartments. Both the freezing cold martini and the weight of the Walther behind his hip made for reassuring reminders that no matter what the girl had to say, it would be nothing James Bond could not handle.

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Mia didn't know who else to turn to. She still doubted he'd listen to her, all things considered, but she was alone and scared.

She'd known that Count Giulio di Vicenzo had more than one mistress and she had merely been a number to him. To be truthful, she felt bad these days about what had happened with his wife, Teresa -- both during her marriage to the Count and afterward.

Mia had simply been lucky in two things; one, that she wasn't in the Maserati with Giulio that day, and two? That she had managed to steal some money from him. It came in handy these days since she wasn't employed, but it felt tainted now.

There were men who wanted that money back, because the Count had stolen it from Teresa to begin with, and then there was the fact that Mia simply felt bad about having the woman's money.

She knew Teresa -- or Tracy, as she'd preferred it -- had married again. It had taken some doing, but Mia had found him, begging to meet with him. Maybe if she played on his sympathies? Maybe, maybe if she gave him his wife's money back...?

"Mr. Bond?" Mia tried not to sound too nervous as she appraoched him in the booth. Smoothing out her elegant dress and furs, she sat down next to him and smiled warily. "You probably don't know me. I'm Mia. Mia Fantasia." The smile disappeared as she played her trump card.

"I knew your wife."

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The young woman who walked into the restaurant and seemed to tentatively zero in on Bond was beautiful, but that was no surprise to him. Whether they were friend, foe, casual acquaintance or the most intimate of encounters, there was just something about Bond that ensured he only ever encountered the most attractive specimens of the distaff gender. It had been that way since his youngest days and it was not a cosmic alignment that Bond had ever felt inclined to question.

Any musings regarding the girl's beauty disappeared once she sat down and introduced herself in such a specific manner. Bond felt his blood turn ice cold. The strong line of his jaw became set tightly and the hand he kept below the table and out of sight flexed and tightened.

"I'm sorry, Signorina Fantasia," Bond replied with a guess at her accent, "but I think you might have me mistaken for someone else. I'm not married." He raised his left hand, the one that had been resting beside his water glass, displaying the naked ring finger.

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She blew out her breath and nodded at him as she pulled her fur coat off her shoulders slowly. "Yes, but you were married. Her name was Teresa di Vicenzo, when I knew her." It was a slight lie; she didn't really know Tracy all that well, but Mia was desperate.

"She... she was married to a count? He stole money from her, and I believe she got most of it back." Mia chewed nervously on the inside of her lip, looking away.

"I have the rest of what she wasn't able to steal back," she told him cooly as she called over a waiter to order a drink. She needed one, badly. "I'll have a Café Brulot, and he'll have...?"

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If she was lying, she was doing it with a great deal of skill. A great deal of Bond's job depended on his ability to read people's sincerity and trustworthiness, especially when he was angling to be in a position to use them or turn on them. As good a liar as he was, it gave Bond an edge when it came to sussing out when people were telling him the truth. For the moment, at least, Mia Fantasia seemed to believe she was telling him the truth.

"You seem to have me at a bit of a disadvantage," Bond replied, his voice light but his manner as guarded as ever. "There seems to be no end to what you know about..."

A momentary hesitation that Bond could have kicked himself for allowing.

"... about Teresa di Vicenzo and her circumstances, but I know very little about yourself other than your name, your penchant for posessing funds that are not specifically yours and your taste in drinks." Bond glanced at the waiter. "Vodka martini," Bond ordered, "shaken-- not stirred." His attention went back to the young woman. "So why don't you tell me a little more, and finish with just why you're sitting there."

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Mia frowned, since this was not exactly going as she had hoped. Then again, she supposed that he really didn't have any reason to trust her. Sighing as their drinks arrived, she crossed her legs slowly and thought about what to say next.

"Mr. Bond, I'll be honest with you, then." Mia took a sip from her drink, letting the citrus taste soothe her before she looked up at him, a hopeful look in her eyes. "I wanted to give you the money back. It doesn't feel right for me to have it. You see, I was one..." She shut her eyes at that thought, "... one of the count's mistresses. I'm lucky to have been left alive, considering how much I knew about what his finances."

She placed a hand on his. "I don't know what to do, but to turn to you for help. My life is in danger, a friend of mine has already been killed because of me... Mr. Bond, I've been searching for you for a long time. You are the one man that I think can help me."

Mia didn't notice how close she was to tears. "Please. The money's yours, and I'm sorry for any pain I've brought by bringing up old memories, but..." She looked away finally.

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Frustration and edginess brought on by the mention of Tracy was still not quite enough of an emotional screen to prevent Bond's eyes from flicking momentarily downwards to catch the generous expanse of well-toned thigh that Mia exposed as she crossed her legs. But even that, as his friends in the CIA might say, not even a blip on the radar. Bond was far more interested in what had brought the young woman to him and what might be done to get her the hell out of his life, and quickly.

As Mia explained herself, Bond sniffed and took a long drink from his martini, draining the glass and reminding himself to explain for the fifth time to this particular establishment's bartenders precisely how to prepare his drink. Bond should have known that there was nothing easy about any aspect of his life, not even the ones unconnected to his job.

"I'm terribly sorry for the loss of your friend, miss, but I'm not sure what you think I can do to help you." Bond's mouth curled up at the corner. "Don't know what you've heard, but I'm just a fellow in the import and export business, and this really seems like the sort of thing the police ought to handle." He said it knowing that even if the girl had already spoken to the authorities, there would be nothing they could do, not if the Union Corse had gone into the repossession business.

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"I see." He wasn't going to help her, Mia was sure of that now. She finished off her drink and paid for it. "Don't worry, that money wasn't hers." Standing, she adjusted her slip of a dress again as she pulled her fur coat back into her arms, hugging it protectively.

It had been a chance that Mia was hoping the man would have taken, but it had always been a slim one at that. She wiped the tears from her eyes and was about to walk away when she tossed over her shoulder, "The money is back at my hotel room. I'll give it to you anyway, for your troubles. And... for hers."

Mia walked outside, knowing once she handed James Bond the money, he would disappear and most likely? So would she. Feeling a chill at that thought, she put the coat back on and waited for him to drive her back to her hotel.

Then, part of this nightmare will be over, she thought to herself.

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Bond stood, silently cursing whatever quirk in his internal makeup that had always made him such an easy mark for damsels in distress. As soon as Mia had opened that appealing mouth of hers, he supposed there had never been any question as to whether he would be assisting the girl, with only the extent of his involvement to be determined. And of course, he had to have at least made a show of protecting his cover.

"I don't give a damn about the money," he told Mia, his arm slipping almost protectively around the back of her expensive fur coat, "and I never said that I wouldn't help you."

As soon as he'd left his chair, Bond had noted the restaurant's staff moving, the result of which was the sight of his Aston Martin Vantage sliding to a stop at the valet station the moment he and Mia stepped through the doors. Exchanging his keys with the valet for a fiver, a slight spark at the back of Bond's neck caused him to immediately raise his head and scan the street outside the restaurant. His working senses on full alert, Bond spotted the pair of black BMWs idling nearby as he climbed into the driver's seat and pulled away.

"Buckle up, Mia. I have the feeling it's the one traffic law we're about to keep intact," said Bond, reaching the end of the block, throwing the Aston Martin into gear and crushing the accelerator.

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Mia buckled up as quickly as possible, still trying to take in what Mr. Bond had said. He was actually going to help her! She wanted to cry tears of gratitude, but there didn't seem to be enough time.

"It's them," she whispered nervously to him as she looked at the BMWs nearby. "Please, Mr. Bond, I don't understand... if you don't want the money back, then what do you want?" Mia blinked her eyes innocently, since she had a good idea what it was he might ask of her once they managed to escape from the men and return to her hotel.

A hand reached out to lightly touch his, as Mia licked her lips and smiled for the first time that night. "Thank you," she whispered before leaning back in her seat. "Shall we, Mr. Bond?" She paused and looked sideways at him before asking, "Or is there another name which you prefer to be called?"

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"We can discuss my motivations later," Bond said with his voice just shying away from the edge of being curt with the girl. If she thought for a moment that the men in those sedans were just going to let their quarry outrun them simply because Bond's car boasted more horsepower, she was in for a shock. "For the moment, hang on." He glanced at Mia, not mistaking the slight glint in the girl's eye. "If we make it out of this, you can call me James."

As the Aston slewed into the rushing London traffic, Bond could see the men-- tall, brawny types crammed into ill-fitting knockoff Italian suits-- scrambling to follow them.

Blood turning to ice water, Bond piloted his way through the traffic, diving in and out of lanes. The Aston Martin's brakes and steering occasionally screeched in protest to his demands, but the V12 engine roared its throaty approval. Glances into the rearview mirror alerted Bond to the tenacity of their tail. Hauling hard enough on the wheel to make the car nearly flip onto only two tires, Bond redirected the chase onto an outer motorway with fewer civilians. He thumbed a control on the steering column and placed a call over the Aston's built-in mobile.

"Secure nine-five-zero-one," Bond spoke while still dodging cars. "Nest, this is Predator. Hostile pursuit these coordinates, attempting to reach safe marker Delta-two-eight." A confirmation from the voice on the other line, and then nothing.

A pair of the BMWs managed to pull close, one of them accelerating hard enough to strike the Aston's rear bumper, jolting Bond and Mia. Bond's fingers found another control. A quiet whine of machinery and suddenly their pursuers' cars were sliding out of control, smashing together and then slamming into the heavy concrete guard rail, turning both sedans into a raging ball of fire. Immediately afterward, a large truck bearing a Transworld Consortium logo took a hard turn, jack-knifing across every lane and effectively cutting off any more pursuit.

Heart thrumming with the thrill of the chase, Bond turned a smile in Mia's direction. "James it is, then."

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Her fingers hurt from gripping her seat the entire drive, and Mia's heart was beating so loudly she was sure that Mr. Bond -- or, James, she supposed now -- could have heard it. She looked behind her every now and then while he drove, but he seemed to have a plan for everything, which was why she'd done everything in her power to find him, of course.

He could come up with a plan for her, too.

"James," she smiled warily, only because she wasn't quite as excited about the chase as he seemed to be. But, he had saved her, and that was the most important thing. She gave him the directions to the hotel and soon enough, he had pulled up.

"This way," she motioned, as she showed her passkey to enter the hotel. It was one of the more expensive ones, and she was staying in the penthouse. Why not have one last lark, she figured, in case James hadn't agreed to help her? So, the penthouse was an easy choice.

After taking the lift, she slid her key into the lock and walked inside, fur falling to the floor as she searched for some drinks. "Martini, wasn't it?" Mia fluffed her hair a bit and after pouring something for herself too, she sat down on the sofa, eyes fixed on James.

"So, you mentioned discussing your motives later. It's later," she pointed out with a small smile.

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Following Mia into her penthouse, Bond's eyes never rested, constantly searching the world around them for signs that the men who were after the girl had managed to get away from the entanglements Bond had requested from the Service. There were going to be an endless parade of forms and a long talk from M about exploiting MI-6 resources, but if he could confirm the Union Corse's threat and keep Mia safe from it, the lecture would be worth it.

There were no obvious signs that the hotel suite had been broken into since Mia had left, meaning that their pursuers either didn't think Mia was daft enough to hide anything important in the room or didn't think they would have any trouble picking her up. Either way, it wasn't going to be a safe place for long.

Noting the fine stock of spirits in the suite's liquor cabinet, though, Bond decided he could spare some time for a drink. "Just the vodka will be fine, thank you," he told Mia. There wasn't likely to be the proper fixings for his martini, no matter how good the penthouse's stock might be. Once he had the drink, Bond threw back the first swallow and let the ice cold liquid burn his throat.

"Marc-Ange Draco-- Tracy's father-- was more than just my father-in-law, Mia. He was my friend, and it troubles me that his organization has done this to you. It means they might become the threat they were before Draco's time, and it's important to my government to know such things. "And you've done nothing to deserve any of this except sleep with the wrong man." Bond drank again, his eyes darkening for a moment. "That's a terrible reason to die. I won't let it happen."

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She noticed that he had been looking around the penthouse, and Mia was pretty sure it wasn't because it was anything fancy he hadn't seen before. It hit her, suddenly, that he was making sure she was safe. She mentally rolled her eyes at herself for not having been more careful, then waited for his answer.

It wasn't what she'd expected.

"I..." She looked down at her own drink. "Maybe since he isn't in charge anymore, that's the reason that..." She shook her head. Why was she defending the honor of a man she didn't know? His next words, though, brought her attention back to James completely.

"I was stupid and childish," she murmured, knowing it was probably still mostly true. "And her death wasn't your fault," she pressed carefully, knowing he would disagree somehow. Mia put her drink down and moved closer to James, a hand on his lapel, carefully stroking it.

"You haven't told me how I can re-pay you for your kindness." Her eyes lifted up to his and she blushed, something she rarely did these days.

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"That assertion, my dear," Bond said with more casual dismissal in his voice than he may have truly felt in his heart, "is the only truly hopeless battle left in the world."

Jaw tightening and drawing his lips into a tight line, Bond composed himself, silently furious at the momentary exposure of chinks in his armor. When Mia began to close the distance between them, her long and elegant and pristinely manicured fingers skimming over the lapel of his jacket, Bond took a deep breath. The oxygen mixed with the subtle notes of the girl's scent-- something obscenely expensive, no doubt-- all helped focus his mind on the more familiar and more welcome scene playing out before him.

This was the only role he cared to play. This was the only world in which he wanted to live. Bond only felt useful and purposeful and alive when he was on a mission. The danger, the women and the chances to pit his body and will against impossible odds were his brand of comfort.

When he regarded Mia's very comely blush, it was with mischief and no small part of wolfishness in his icy blue eyes. "I have to confess, Mia, that I haven't been to Italy in some time. I'm not familiar with the current rate of exchange." Bond smiled and reached out, running a finger along the straight line of her collarbone. "What would be the going rate of thanks for, say, lending my sympathetic ear to your story...?"

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Mia's eyes furrowed as she took in what he'd said, then she filed it away for later. Another time, she thought, when they could talk about it more -- then maybe she could convince her saviour that she wasn't the same as his wife. That, maybe, with his help everything would be fine.

The light touching and flirting, though, was right up her alley. It was, after all, how she'd first become one of the count's many mistresses -- not that she was proud of that fact these days. Mia sighed and leaned into the soft touch of James' finger on her face and made a little noise of contentment. She smirked at James and took the finger from her skin, placing it on her lips, as she flicked a tongue out to barely touch it before sucking on just the tip of it to tease back.

Sex was something she understood and loved completely.

"It fluctuates," she whispered as her own hands wandered down his chest, toying with buttons as she stepped closer to James. Her hand lowered to his pants and stopped before she added, "It's... hard to tell," Mia added breathlessly.

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Bond arched an eyebrow as Mia treated his fingertip to some very pleasant attention. A few moments before, he had been somewhat concerned that the girl was going to press him on the subject of the past and his history. There was nothing in the world that Bond wanted to discuss any less, and staying on that subject would have done more than simply ruin the mood. One of the more practical aspects of his instincts was suggesting a change of venue, as the Union Corse muscle on Mia's tail no doubt knew where she was staying.

But as the young woman's hands skimmed over the fine linen of his shirt, Bond found himself disinclined to lose momentum.

"Then why don't I suggest an exchange and you can tell me if you think it's equitable?" Fingertips just barely brushing the soft fabric of Mia's dress, Bond's hands found her narrow waist. With just the slightest force, he began to guide her onto his lap. "I think this would be appropriate for the listening," he began. Bond then slid his hand up and behind the girl's neck, pulling her mouth to his. "And this for the chauffeur service to the hotel."

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Mia squirmed slightly in his lap, but smiled back at James and began to relax. He had not only agreed to help her, not only saved her once already, but he was in her hotel room flirting with her. He had amazing blue eyes and (she would bet) a body to die for. She made a little noise as she worried her lower lip, settling on James' lap with her arms wrapped around his neck.

And then she felt his lips and sighed happily into them.

She moved her mouth softly against his, her tongue lightly brushing against his mouth until she could slip it inside of his mouth as she twisted her face a bit so he could get more access to her and vice-versa. Her legs spread open, causing her dress to slide up her thighs, and as she came up for air, she kissed James again once.

"I think that's a good way to start off," she murmured against his mouth, "but what should I give to my white knight that would truly be desired..?"

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Bond let his tongue slide against Mia's for a few moments as their kiss deepened, then closed his teeth gently over her lower lip as he moved back. Her mouth was full, her lips generous and her kiss spoke of the kind of skill and enthusiasm of someone who very much enjoyed the act, something that Bond was more than satisfied to learn. His hands settled a bit lower finding her hips as he settled her again on his lap-- not something he strictly needed to do, but the more Mia moved, the more he wanted her to stay where she was.

Mia's words brought a sly smile to his mouth. "Well, I suppose that the traditional and historical way a lady might show a knight her approval and affection was to gift him with her favour. Typically, it would be a garter or scarf or something."

He could feel the soft fabric of her dress gathering slightly between his fingers as he ran his hands over Mia's hips. "I don't see a scarf and I don't feel any stockings... do you have something we might substitute?"

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She stopped moving as soon as Mia felt his hands gently push her against him, and her breath caught a little. Mia's grin widened at his words and one hand slid from around James' neck down his chest between them, then stopped. "Mmm, you're right. No scarf, no garter." Her eyes glinted with mischief.

"I've got a g-string on, if that would be a good enough favor," she added, "but maybe you should search yourself instead of just taking my word for it."

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Bond laughed. "You should know that I'm not often called on for my detective skills, but I promise to perform my very best investigation." His hands moved down off Mia's hips and found her thighs. Silk-smooth skin met his palms. Bond began to slide his hands up along those long, lean legs until they disappeared under the short skirt of her dress. He followed the gentle curve of her hips again, but this time finding only the briefest wisp of material there.

"I'm really more the man they want to make problems simply go away." His mouth quirked up slightly while his thumbs hooked under the strings of her microscopic knickers. "For instance, I could ask you to get up so we could remove these properly, but then you'd have to get up. So my solution...?"

One quick, hard pull and the g-string came apart, letting Bond pull it off of Mia's body. He was careful to let it drag across her flesh before it came loose. Bond raised the ruined kickers, looked at them for a moment, then tucked them into his jacket pocket. "Now back to that thank you," Bond drawled, pulling Mia back to him.

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Mia gasped in surprise, then tried not to laugh at James' idea of how to remove her underwear. She bit her lip as it brushed between her legs, and she arched her back a little while he took his "favor" from her. She grinned as she watched him pocket them -- as a trophy, maybe?

"Well, you certainly are a man of many surprises, Mr. Bond," she whispered breathlessly before he pulled her back to him and her hands played with the tie around his neck until she was able to undo it and toss it to the floor. Her mouth lowered to his and her tongue tasted him. He was all man, like Old Spice, cigars, and good liquor rolled into one she thought to herself.

Mia pulled away from his mouth and then licked his upper lip, nibbling once. "I'm sure there must be a better way for me to thank you than simply by giving you a kiss." She grinned at him even as her fingers began to undo the buttons on James' shirt.

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“I’m glad you think so,” Bond said between kisses, “especially as we’ve only just met.” Not for a moment did he spare a thought for the silk tie tossed haphazardly to the floor. There were times when James Bond exhibited an absolute mania when it came to his fineries, but when a willing lovely woman was sitting astride his lap, the only concern clothes held for him had to do with how quickly or amusing they were to remove or leave in place.

He glanced down as Mia opened his shirt, then smiled hungrily back up at the girl. “Oh, I most certainly can. And I think for my reward I would like—as your countrymen might say-- mia fantasia…” Bond’s smile widened, enjoying the precious perfection of the girl’s name at the moment. “My fantasy. Coming true, of course,” Bond added.

His hands again moved down to Mia’s legs and then slid under her dress. This time, there wasn’t even the flimsy barrier of her barely-there knickers to separate his hands from the taut roundness of her rear.

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"I do believe that can be arranged," she grinned before her lips found his again just as she felt James' hands on her bare skin. While Mia was busying herself with how wonderful James tasted, her hands were busy pulling at his tuxedo shirt until his skin was open and warm underneath her fingers. She brushed him lightly before her hands went lower, trying to get rid of his pants, too, but she pretended to have troubles with the zipper.

Men usually liked it when they could play the "hero" in the bedroom, too.

It wasn't that Mia was trying to trick James or be ungrateful; it was simply that she didn't know any other way to have sex with a man.

She pressed herself against his hands, though, groaning and getting wet even though he hadn't technically done much to her just yet. "Bed," she suggested quickly, as her hands finally slipped inside his pants and found what they were looking for. She gave one good squeeze before adding, "I'll be your fantasy, James."

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The touch of Mia’s fingertips on his chest was warm and electric. Bond breathed deeply as the girl’s hands played over skin and light dusting of hair and his mind immediately leapt to a hundred different expectations of what those hands would feel like as they slid over other parts of his body. What Mia’s skin felt like, however, Bond was becoming intimately familiar with, even though he kept himself restrained from letting his fingers stray too close where he could feel growing warmth and wetness.

Bond smiled knowingly as Mia's fingers danced over the front of his trousers. "No need to play like that, dear girl, I quite like a woman with sure hands," he drawled, sliding down the zipper nonetheless.

The squeeze she gave his already highly attentive stiffness did much to convince Bond of her sure hands. He nodded at her suggestion, then in one strong and well-practiced movement, stood and gathered Mia into his arms and brought her into the bedroom. Bond deposited the girl on the bed, toed off his shoes and shrugged off his jacket. The Walther PPK in its Berns-Martin-patterned shoulder holster was hung near the head of the bed.

Stretching out beside Mia, Bond began to slowly draw her dress up her body, his eyes devouring every inch he exposed.

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The dress was removed quickly and tossed aside until Mia was completely naked -- she had never been a fan of bras or any other undergarments than were completely necessary. She chewed on her lower lip a bit before taking a deep breath and moving towards James to get the rest of his clothes off his body as soon as she could. "I want you naked... now," she whispered to him, her hips lifting up a bit at nothing as if she could pulled his mouth back to hers for another kiss and then with hands tangled in his hair gently pushed his lips toward her breasts.

"I want you, James," she added, even though it had to be pretty obvious by now. Still, Mia's body writhed as her hands touched his skin and one of her hands went down her own body until she found the wetness there between her legs and she thrust a finger inside of her, drawing it out to paint her lips with it before licking them clean.

"Tell me what your fantasy is, James, and I'll be it." Maybe he wanted his wife back, she thought to herself. Whatever he wanted, she could do -- she'd done it before as a mistress, and she knew she could do it again for her saviour. "Whatever you want," she groaned until her body was finally pressed flat against his.

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Mia's nudity was one of the most delectable sights Bond had seen in some time. She was exceptionally beautiful in that slim, trim and well-fit modern fashion and it was clear that the young woman did not spend a great deal of time under the sun with any clothes on at all. Once again, Bond approved. The sure hands he had noted earlier continued to show the same confidence as Mia quickly and efficiently aided him in disrobing until he too was naked and the effect of the girl's efforts thus far was rigidly evident.

Bond sighed quietly as she pressed her body against his until warm skin met warm skin from their shoulders to their thighs. The length of him bobbed slightly, brushing up against the wet flesh between her legs, wetness Mia excitingly let Bond taste, indirectly, from her lips. "Nothing, mmm, especially elaborate," said Bond as he kissed her. "But here's a thought-- I do, if I might be immodest, consider myself quite good at lovemaking." It was something he did not think Mia would be shocked by, not with the experience she seemed to have.

"I've wondered if I could take a woman so well, pleasure her so properly and precisely that it would render her able only to utter the two words I like hearing most from a woman I'm with." Bond lowered Mia to the bed, smiling. "Oh, James," he breathed before pressing his lips to Mia's throat and beginning to kiss his way down her body.

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She raised an eyebrow in curiosity at first, then smirked back at James. Was this a challenge? He seemed very confident about his lovemaking skills, which made Mia shiver slightly. She had never been with a man so utterly handsome and sure of himself in a way that didn't seem arrogant -- merely truthful.

"Mmm, I think that you should test your theory James." Her hands wandered as much as possible on his back and neck as he kept her on the bed with his body, until Mia was wet and shaking although he had only kissed her skin so far.

She spread her legs open for him and moved her hips up again, feeling how hard he was and aching for him to fill her. Her head tilted back as she moaned underneath his kisses and ministrations.

"James...." It wasn't what he wanted to hear, exactly, but it was a start -- even if she hadn't meant to say it out loud.

Date: 2010-01-03 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Bond was pleased to see the smirk that answered the expression on his own face. It told him that Mia was more than ready to play the game, and for that he was grateful. The fanciful and elaborate kinks and so forth that had become so much more commonplace in recent years did nothing for him and neither did sex that was little more than constant coddling.

"Then," he replied with his lips poised against the hollow of Mia's throat, "let the experiment begin." Bond's mouth trailed kisses down the smooth, soft and suntanned skin. He took a turn, something that always surprised his lovers, running his kisses quickly down one arm to the pulse at their wrist before resuming the descent to her breasts. Those small, firm hills Bond paid soft but insistent attention to, drawing the tips into dusky stiffness.

He all but slid his mouth across the taut plane of Mia's belly before settling between her opened thighs. "I should mention," said Bond, tongue firmly in his cheek for the moment, "how much I love to eat Italian." Before Mia could respond, laugh or be aghast at the words, Bond's mouth found her center. She was already hot and wet, but he knew that he could do better and worked his lips and tongue to do so.

Date: 2010-01-09 08:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mia was about to reply to James when she found that she couldn't, not at all, because his mouth and hands were making sure that her whole body was on fire for him. It wasn't taking much, she realized, and Mia assumed that although she loved sex, it was due to her lack of experience with a truly talented lover who actually gave a damn about her own pleasure.

At least, she assumed that was what James cared about. It could be partially arrogance on his own part in terms of his abilities, but he was making it difficult to think...

"Oh God," she finally whispered as her hands found the top of his head and pressed him to her to keep him there while her whole body continued to shake with need and want she'd never experienced before. "James," she managed again as her legs spread wider for him and Mia's hips lifted to try and gt more of his lips and tongue on her. Just when she thought she couldn't stand another moment of his torture longer, she came, juices pouring from her until she thought she would die of pleasure.

"Oh..." Mia caught herself and bit her lower lip to stop the rest of the sentence as a smile appeared on her face. "Yes," she finished instead, waiting for him to truly take her.

Date: 2010-01-10 06:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
There had been a time, of course, when paying such attentions to one of his lovers was not something James Bond was likely to be found doing. Then again, in those days most of the women he bedded weren't expecting him to do so. As times changed, even James Bond had to make adjustments to his technique. Thankfully, Bond had come to quite like the act, especially the reactions he could elicit by become expert at it.

When Mia's wetness burst forth, her body quivering and twisting under his mouth, Bond got that reaction and more. If he was a man playing a musical instrument with intentions of making beautiful music, the girl's body was one of the most finely tuned he had ever touched.

Alas, there was only one off note, Bond thought as he rose up from the end of the bed, meeting Mia's smile with his own, his face glistening with the young woman's juice. "So close," Bond said, his voice low and rumbling. "So very close to the goal." He stopped when his hands were just under Mia's shoulders, bracing the length of his body over hers so that Bond's hardness dipped down, slipping against her sex. "Let's see if we can't get that exactly right," drawled Bond before angling his length downward and easing himself into her.

Date: 2010-01-10 07:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The smirk grew wider. "Yes, don't stop the experiment on my behalf, at---" Mia started out and then felt James slide inside of her, filling her completely until she thought it would hurt. Mia gasped and clawed at his back, tilting her body and shutting her eyes until she got the feel of him, then the smirk was back and her hips started moving, up and down slowly, creating a rhythm for both of them.

He would lead, of course, but she didn't want to just lay there like some women like some uninterested participant.

Her finger went to his mouth, tracing his lips to get the juices off before she placed her fingers inside her lips, sucking. "Mmm," she purred before pulling James down for a kiss, legs moving higher until they were wrapped around his waist.

Date: 2010-01-10 07:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mia enveloped him, tightness and head and liquid softness all at once. Bond was more than happy to still his body and luxuriate in the feeling of her surrounding his length. He gave a satisfied sigh from deep in his chest as his body settled tight against hers, Mia's small firm breasts pressed into his chest. He could get more than accustomed to the feeling of being inside of this young woman, and despite the almost certain prospect of violence and danger inherent in Mia's predicament, Bond was looking forward to repeated opportunities.

When she moved against him, Bond did, too. Mia's crossed legs were more than a ready signal, as they served to draw him even deeper into her body, so with that Bond began to shift his weight and start a slow, deliberate stroking pace. He kissed Mia hungrily, sharing the taste of her as his tongue pushed hard into her mouth.

"Just wonderful," he drawled, pulling back for a breath. "Oh, yes. And how does it feel? Will I hear what I want to hear?"

Date: 2010-01-10 07:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mia's eyes fluttered shut for a moment while James slowly tortured her again, pulling back from their kiss while he kept the pace deliberately slow. She gasped and clawed at his skin, trying to pull him back, trying to get more of him somehow.

"James," she pleaded quietly, a kiss on his shoulder blade while her body contracted again, tightening around him as she rose up off the bed and clung to him, ankles crossed around his waist tighter than before, as moans and sighs came from her lips to his ears.

She finally quieted and fell back to the bed, arms still holding onto him and eyes shut, as she whispered, "Oh, James." Two orgasms so quickly, and they'd just started? Oh yes. God yes.

Date: 2010-01-10 11:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Keeping his secrets under interrogation was not easy. Toughing out a fight against a stronger, harder hitting opponent until the right moment came to strike was difficult as well. But there were times when Bond found the act of restraining himself from simply ploughing his way to climax when bedding a woman who felt this good was damn near impossible. But hold back he did with Mia, at least for the moment.

When she pulled at him, Bond settled a little more, giving Mia just a bit more of himself and quickening his pace just a bit. That taste seemed to only sharpen her want, judging from the low and breathy sound of his name on her lips and the way her legs and body clutched at him. Bond rode her through the orgasm, then grinned as the words passed from Mia as a moan.

"Perfect," he said, his own voice groaning. A moment and he began to move, faster and deeper, his hips rolling against Mia's, driving his length into her. Bond's breath grew faster and shorter.

Date: 2010-01-11 12:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
She really couldn't think anymore at that point, which was fine with her. Mia opened her eyes to look up at James and her mouth opened wordlessly, panting as she tried to catch her breath because James hadn't given her a chance before he sped up his attack on her body.

And she loved every moment of it.

Never before had a man taken such care with her pleasure, or bothered to play any intimate games. Never before had Mia experienced two such powerful orgasms so quickly thanks to a man and not her own hands touching her body. And never before had she been rendered so completely helpless and brainless, just as James had hoped.

It was beautiful, scary, and at the moment? Highly addictive. She could learn to want this man for more than just saving her life or bedding her. And that thought was a little frightening...

Mia's hips moved as quickly as his did, meeting every thrust as hard and as fast as James', pulling him deeper inside of her until it nearly tore her in two. She clung tighter to him and managed to whisper a small plea, "Please... now... James... please...?"

Date: 2010-01-11 01:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
She was as enthusiastic as she was acquiescent, pulling Bond closer and squeezing him tightly at the same time she was letting him take complete control of the moment. The combination made a heady, potent mix like the kind of cigarettes his favourite contacts in Istanbul and Marrakech would keep saved for him whenever Bon would be in town on a mission. It had been some time since Bond had bedded a girl he was eager to to repeat the experience with.

Mia's body writhed and pumped against his, turning his quick and deep thrusting rhythm into a near frenzy. His skin on fire where their bodies met and pressure nearly at the bursting point, Bond was all too happy to give in to Mia's demand at last.

Leaning his head down, Bond pressed his lips to her ear. "You said that beautifully," he said in a growling whisper. Bond's hips jerked a few more times, hard and at last pressed down hard and fast. A nearly strangled groan passed through his throat as Bond exploded. Mia was all heat and liquid as he flooded her even more. Fire and pleasure coursed right through his body, pouring into Mia until he gave a last shiver.

Date: 2010-01-11 05:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck, fingers pulling their way lightly through his hair as Mia took deep, shuddering breaths to calm herself. She didn't want James to move away, though, not yet. It felt too nice.

She licked her dry lips and smiled to herself at the compliment he had given her, too.

"Thank you," she whispered as her legs slowly loosed their hold on him and she kissed his neck. "I do hope that at least part of your fantasy came true tonight." She knew the question was partly a joke at this point, but she was still curious.

This man, after all, was married to a woman she betrayed in a sense by sleeping with the Count. Now, Mia was asking him for help, and they had nearly gotten killed. She could repay him with sex ten times over, but only if it was what he really wanted - or needed - from her.

Right now, she had no clue what either of those things were.

Date: 2010-01-11 10:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Bond ran his lips softly over Mia's cheek, happy to let their bodies stay moulded together, all but melting into one another as the last reverberations of lovemaking faded. "Oh, I would definitely have to say I've never gotten closer to an absolutely perfect performance." He smiled at the young woman. "I am definitely looking forward to trying again," said Bond, placing a kiss on her chin. "And again," a kiss to her neck. "And again," now to her shoulder.

With a well-practiced and deft roll of his body, Bond switched places with the girl until he was laying on the silk-soft sheets and Mia was stretched out against him. "Now, in a just world, this would be the moment to call down to room service and order a bottle of their best Bollinger and enough of a meal to serve us for the rest of the night. But since it's not, it'll have to be whatever's decent from the mini-bar and then we're gone."

He grinned, reaching down to give Mia a firm pat on the arse. "Be a good girl, now," said Bond, encouraging her to get the drinks. Bond watched the slightly-quavering step as she did, delighted to be back in his element.


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